Sunday, 19 September 2010


Southbank by night

Kisses usher them home,
And from the opposite bank the
Narnian lampposts shimmer
Flame and gold shafts
Over the water towards me;
And in these regal columns the
Quivering currents shiver and
Swirl in a nightly dappled-dance.

The daily peopled-mass has
Dissolved with the light, and the
Dusk-breeze asserts again its
Ownership of pavements;
The leaves rekindle their
Gossiping whispers –
And yet wafts of reggae
Distil their chatter. A man:

His guitar, tambourine and mic
Are midnight bound. No song
Played out to the end; each other
line encroached on by passers-by; –
Goodnight sweetheart –
Joy throbbing the cold;
Determined to reach those who cross the grey;
A new mood and key rising out of the smile.

Anchored boats are silently rocking in the
Delicate rolls kissing the shore; music
Sighing back – deep and spontaneous;
A large boat swims south and the waves are alive,
Swelling a passionate chorus themselves,
Heaves lapping over the other,
Then sloshing back to a whispered accompaniment.
Goodnight sweetheart.

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