Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Embryonic Dreams

My heart has pumped the pain
cold crystal through my veins.
Sharp shingles scraping bitter truths,
etching my soul.

Trapped in a cobweb of memory,
lifeless and limp,
gathering dust.

Left to myself and time
each silky string would have stretched free of the next
like disentangling memories.

Yet your spidery lips
hissed sounds my deadened heart
sought to hear.

Hope rotted within me,
killing any new life
that entered my cursed web.

If you only knew the hurt,
the crystallised pain,
gnawing my insides

as you, the preying widow
pounced on embryonic dreams…

Enough. I have tasted freedom
on another’s lips.
And mirrored in her eyes I saw
at last my insect form.

Pitiful and bruised.
Bloodshot heart,
Shredded wings,
Deathbed eyes.

Knotted in your arachnid saliva
adhesive regret claws at my senses.

My torn wings
batter their fastenings
and my stretching sinews
rip free of your spun lair.


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