Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Those dreamy walks in warm night air confessed a hidden glow,
And through the chiselled rocks of Rome our brief affair did twist.
The Pantheon to Peter’s Square let conversation flow,
Red wine did conjure drunken spin and secretly we kissed.

Emerging dawn might then have dried our dreamy hopes away,
But this was Rome and such inaction wouldn’t be allowed.
Amidst colossal fighting rings the real world could not weigh,
Our time was short and so we seized what chance had thus endowed.

I thought my heart was free to give but fatally was wrong:
A voicemail whispered in my ear of sadness and regret.
She said I miss you, please come home – to where we both belong.
My foolish heart conceded and the dream I did forget.

Our hurried kiss to say goodbye consigned us to the past,
But in the light of hindsight it should not have been our last.


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